Board Leadership

Board Leadership: Servant Leadership


Servant and leadership. These are words that carry many meanings. As leaders and board members in the healthcare industry who serve others continuously, we understand it to be a calling.  Every board member and leader have the opportunity to build a strong community through leading and serving.

Join us for this program as we discuss the role of servant leadership and how being a board member or leader in healthcare requires the ability to communicate effectively with all stakeholders. As we review characteristics to the servant-leader, board members will better understand the necessity in being both a leader and a servant to confidently guide all within the organization towards their mission.


12:00 pm – 1:00 pm 


Learning Objectives

  • Learn the origin of the servant-leader concept
  • Discover why being a servant-leader is so important in the healthcare industry
  • Discuss the characteristics of the servant-leader


Who Should Attend?

  • Board Members
  • Senior Leaders
  • Department Directors
  • Physicians
  • Compliance Officers