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Contracts 101: Key Points for Successful Contract Review and Management


Contract negotiation and review is a key component in supply chain management. Whether sourcing a new vendor or renewing a long-standing agreement, it is important to understand the nuances of a contract and the purposes they possess. It is important to create leverage and understand what terms a good contract contains and how they benefit your organization, as there are specific provisions to keep track of to ensure your organization is well informed and protected.

This course will be a beneficial overview for those who may be new to contracts and negotiations, or anyone who would like a refresher on essential components of a contract. Join ELEVATE’s Brittany Clark and Kathleen Rexilius as they discuss the contracting process and address common questions, including:

  • How contract terms can impact your organization and why it is essential to track and manage these details.
  • How to prevent and reduce challenges that may arise when looking to renew agreements with incumbent vendors or conversions to new vendors.
  • How to think of different ways to negotiate agreements for the benefit of your organization.


10:30 am – 11:30 am 


Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to create leverage to assist in garnering better deals
  • Understand how to review and interpret the agreements before signing
  • Ensure you are tracking key points in an agreement so that you are better prepared to plan, track and discuss pertinent information with key individuals

Who Should Attend:

  • Supply Chain Personnel
  • C-Suite
  • Anyone who reviews, signs and/or manages agreements


Elevate Supply & Expense Management Solutions
Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing

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