How to Leverage Technology to Transform Your Financial Performance

Harnessing Technology to Drive Financial Excellence

While AI and LLMs are only one piece of a larger technological landscape, there is a whole other unit of technological advancements available to gain connectivity, increase efficiency and revolutionize your RCM. Join Ovation Healthcare’s Senior Vice President of Transformation, Casey Peters; Managing Director, Addison Stearns; and Senior Vice President of Client Engagement, Kelly Vroom as they discuss how to leverage technology to transform your hospital’s revenue cycle management.

Learning points:

  • Define the true meaning of AI to gain a better understanding of where it could be applicable to your hospital operations.
  • Assess all the technology solutions from low to high complexity and guiding the audience where to start and where to grow.
  • Break down use cases for digital transformation throughout the entire RCM process.
  • Identify key considerations for partnering with your internal IT team.