Navigating Quality, Regulatory, and Compliance Changes Post-PHE

John Turner
John Turner

Chief Operating Officer

The past three years have caused the healthcare landscape to undergo a substantial shift that prompted a reassessment of all aspects of quality, regulatory, and compliance. Our experts at Ovation Healthcare have created a guide that serves as a compass for hospitals navigating this uncharted territory. We offer crucial insights to drive success in a healthcare environment forever altered by the lessons and challenges of the pandemic.

Patient Experience 

The patient experience landscape underwent a profound shift during and after the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE). Patients now prioritize clinician-patient relationships, cleanliness, and stringent safety protocols, so it’s crucial for hospitals to enhance these areas. We uncover how healthcare organizations can address these shifts effectively to improve the overall patient experience.

Compliance Regulations

In the wake of the PHE, compliance regulations have evolved, including an ongoing 1135 blanket waiver for telehealth services. As healthcare providers grapple with these changes, we delve into the nuances of patient rights, medical records, physical environment, utilization review, quality assurance, and more. Understanding this information is crucial for healthcare professionals to ensure adherence to policies and requirements in the evolving healthcare compliance landscape.

Infection Prevention

The post-PHE era presents a paradoxical situation in infection prevention. There has been a surge in hospital-acquired infections (HAI) amidst heightened focus on measures like hand hygiene and masking. We’re here to provide crucial insights for healthcare facilities to adapt their processes, enhance data analysis, and improve infection prevention measures, ensuring a safer healthcare environment.

Quality Measures

COVID-19 has left an indelible mark on healthcare quality measurement, ushering in substantial changes and policy shifts. As the healthcare industry also adapts to abrupt halts in services, surges in patient volumes, and economic fallout, understanding the lasting impacts of these changes is of utmost importance. This information is crucial for healthcare providers and payers navigating the changing landscape of quality improvement.

Documentation and Coding

In the realm of healthcare, accurate documentation and coding have become paramount in shaping patient care quality and facilitating reimbursement, especially in the context of telehealth services. Insights from Ovation Healthcare highlight the crucial role of these elements, influencing the financial well-being of healthcare institutions amidst the shifting post-PHE landscape.

Insights for a Post-PHE Healthcare Landscape

As healthcare institutions grapple with the conclusion of the PHE, the playbook offers insights from Octave Leadership Advisory Services’ experts, presenting a curated list of resources. Covering regulatory considerations, transitioning beyond the PHE, and insights into HIPAA and telehealth, these resources serve as a valuable compass for hospitals.

Ovation Healthcare stands as an ally ready to empower hospitals with essential knowledge and strategies to navigate the transformative changes brought about by the COVID-19 PHE. We recognize that these changes are multifaceted, and our playbook serves as a dynamic resource to guide healthcare professionals through the complexities of a healthcare environment forever changed by the pandemic.