Ovation Healthcare Helps Hospitals and Health Systems Navigate the Post-PHE Landscape

John Waltko
John Waltko

Vice President, Regulatory and Financial Reporting

With the conclusion of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new chapter unfolds in healthcare, and we’re here to guide hospitals and health systems on their journey forward. Our latest playbook, “The End of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency: What Hospitals Need to Know Now to Adapt” equips healthcare organizations with vital insights to navigate the post-PHE landscape and successfully transition from the temporary waivers and flexibilities that were granted during the public health emergency (PHE).

What Hospitals Can Expect to Gain From the Playbook

As hospitals and health systems work to adapt to the evolving regulatory landscape, compliance and informed decision-making become critical. This playbook serves as your compass to navigate the end of the PHE effectively. From this invaluable resource, you’ll gain guidance on developing dedicated work teams, understanding waivers and their expiration dates, and staying compliant with Medicare regulations. We also explore lobbying efforts to make waivers permanent and their potential impact on Medicaid enrollment and insurance. Plus, you can stay informed on MIPS updates and reporting requirements.

Join Our Upcoming Webinars for Expert Insights on Hospital Reimbursement

In addition to the playbook, I will be leading exclusive webinars for Ovation Healthcare, exploring key topics related to regulatory compliance.

Expand your knowledge on the latest regulatory developments impacting physician reimbursement and compliance efforts in the webinar “Reimbursement & Regulatory Update: Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (RVRVSU) Annual Proposed Rule and Other Regulatory Developments — 2-Part Series.”

Gain insights into implications of proposed changes affecting hospital reimbursement for outpatient services under the Medicare program in the webinar “Reimbursement & Regulatory Update: Outpatient Prospective Payment System Annual Proposed Rule and Other Regulatory Developments.”

In the wake of the COVID-19 PHE, it’s essential for hospitals and health systems to adapt in order to thrive. This playbook empowers your healthcare organization to navigate the post-PHE landscape with confidence. Embrace the changes, stay compliant, and discover new opportunities in this new post-COVID era. Access the playbook today and join our upcoming webinars to pave the path toward a successful future in healthcare.