Chris Thomas

Executive Strategic Advisor

Ovation Healthcare

Chris is an innovative and strategic advisor with over 30 years of executive leadership in healthcare. She has a strong understanding of all aspects of hospital management thanks to her broad range of experience, beginning with her career in nursing before advanced through a range of clinical, financial, and leadership positions, including hospital chief executive officer, chief operating officer, and chief clinical officer.

Chris is passionate about the success and sustainability of quality healthcare in rural communities around the country. Her clinical experience has given her a unique vision for the enhancement of quality healthcare for the communities these organizations serve, and she offers a focused approach through the development and deployment of strong strategic plans and practices. Chris is excited to assist in the development of patient-centered solutions and strategies to enhance the quality of care provided.

Chris’s passion for serving rural community hospitals stems from her upbringing in a small town in Northeast Wyoming. After spending most of her life in Wyoming and Montana, and she has most recently has lived in Tucson, AZ for the past 3 years. Chris has six children and six grandchildren. Her “other” occupation is beef cattle ranching, and she is an avid big game archery hunter.