Strategic Succession Planning for Leadership in Today’s Healthcare Landscape

Leadership transitions in rural healthcare come with their own set of complexities. With the landscape changing rapidly due to shifts like remote care adoption, new payment models, and changing reimbursement paradigms, the importance of succession planning cannot be overstated. Erika Sundrud, Group President of Advisory Management at Ovation Healthcare, brings her 20 years of expertise to this session alongside Scott Colby, President & CEO of Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital, who shares his experience in working with Erika and the Ovation Healthcare team on the development and implementation of a strategic succession plan. Rural healthcare executives will gain a comprehensive understanding of succession strategies uniquely tailored for their challenges.


  • Understand the unique dynamics of leadership transitions in rural healthcare.
  • Engage with succession planning techniques specifically designed for rural contexts.
  • Outline clear, actionable steps to fortify their institution’s leadership succession plans for long-term resilience.