Our Solutions

Ovation Healthcare is the premier provider of operational services, helping hospitals and health systems with financial performance, purchasing and supplies, clinical resourcing, workforce solutions, and executive advisement

Octave Leadership Advisory Services

Octave helps hospital and health system executive leaders and governing boards identify, prioritize, and mitigate the challenges of strategy, growth, compliance, succession planning and access to capital.

For hospitals facing immediate challenges, we specialize in turnaround services, including access to capital, rapid savings opportunities, and advisory services. Our experts bring deep expertise and access to alternative models, and when necessary, lead organizations through restructuring to achieve ongoing viability.

Octave Leadership Advisory helps governing boards and leadership teams set organizational strategy, and focus on world-class clinical service and patient experience while staying true to the constant pursuit of a strong cornerstone for governance and leadership.

In working with Octave, Springfield Hospital in Vermont went from having one day of cash on hand to over 40 days cash and $18 million in net income.

For a small Midwestern hospital, Octave identified a false claims issue due to incorrect coding and billing and worked with the hospital to return the excess funds.

Octave Leadership Advisory Services provided the strategic plan for Gritman Medical Center to launch a general surgery program, which received 775 patient visits in the first four months after opening the practice.

Elevate Supply and Expense Management Solutions

Elevate is the “quiet engine” that powers the operations of hospitals and health systems and drives efficiencies in contract, spend and leveraged savings opportunities.

We help hospitals achieve supply chain cost savings of up to 12 percent as members of a 50-billion-dollar group purchasing organization. Hospitals retaining their independent purchasing authority renew their agreement at a rate of nearly 100 percent.

Elevate delivers an average supply savings of 10 percent across the entire Ovation Healthcare portfolio.

Elevate leverages market KPIs and analytic capabilities to identify 6 percent savings in purchased services.

Elevate utilizes a dedicated specialty channel to secure fill rates of 98+% for drugs at-risk of supply shortages.

Through labor benchmarking and staffing-to-demand analysis, a 12 percent reduction in annual labor expense was identified and implemented in radiology across two hospitals.

Amplify Revenue Cycle Management

Amplify reduces the cost to collect reimbursement from government and commercial payers. We accelerate and optimize collection in your revenue cycle performance.  

Our revenue cycle management services help hospitals and health systems achieve scale: 

In one year, Amplify partnered with Lawrence County Memorial Hospital, a 25-bed critical access hospital in Illinois, to increase collections by $3.1 million when adjusted for revenue—an increase of 16.5 percent in the gross collection rate.

Through their work with Amplify, Abbeville Area Medical Center increased collections by $1.1 million above what they collected in the prior year in addition to a volume increase of 14.9 percent.

Amplify worked with a hospital in the southwest to improve current payer contract performance, yielding approximately $4 million in additional revenue.

In working with Amplify, Cody Regional Health decreased AR greater than 90 days by 56 percent, decreasing the volume of AR over 90 days by 75 percent.

Acclaim Technology Services

Ovation Healthcare manages the cost, security, availability, and performance of your IT infrastructure. Through Acclaim Technology Services, our shared services allow hospitals to meet their expected service levels and manage cash flow by reducing unexpected costs with a fixed fee model.  

Hospital cyberattacks are inevitable – and costly.  

A poll of 641 healthcare IT and security leaders found 89% experienced an average of 43 attacks over the past year – averaging almost an attack each week. That’s why savvy hospitals and health systems choose Ovation Healthcare for its information technology, health IT and cybersecurity shared services.

Forte Professional Services

Forte’s experts stand with you – and become your experts, quietly powering your operations and your success. Our professional services enable your hospital to easily access the expertise and personnel more frequently found in the largest health systems.  

Most hospitals and health systems are grappling with workforce shortages and skyrocketing labor costs. Ovation Healthcare has a tech-enabled shared solution to help offset labor costs, provide staffing on demand, and track productivity.

In one year of working with Forte’s clinical advisory team, Huron Regional Hospital Center’s safety event reporting has increased by 265 percent and good catches/near misses have increased by 1700 percent.

Forte provided the strategic plan for Gritman Medical Center to launch a general surgery program, which received 775 patient visits in the first four months after opening the practice.

Through labor benchmarking and staffing-to-demand analysis, a 12 percent reduction in annual labor expense was identified and implemented in radiology across two hospitals.

Cadence Clinical Services

Our team of experts uses best practices and processes to empower hospitals, health systems,  and the community to achieve optimal outcomes. Their expertise covers the entire care continuum with services ranging from quality, regulatory, behavioral health, operations, care and utilization management, and leadership development.

  • Chronic Care Management Assessment and Implementation Advisory Services
  • Capacity Management Assessment, Implementation, and Coaching
  • Surgical Services Assessment, Implementation, and Coaching
  • Emergency Department Assessment, Implementation, and Coaching
  • Laboratory Assessment, Implementation, and Coaching
  • EHR Conversion Support
  • Patient Experience Program Support
  • Nurse Leader Academy
  • Executive Leader, Senior Leader, Frontline Leader Executive Coaching/Coaching & Development
  • Ovation Healthcare’s Learning Institute Symposiums and Conferences
  • Behavioral Health Quality/Regulatory Readiness
  • Behavioral Health Operations Assessment, Implementation, and Coaching
  • Deemed Accreditation Surveys
  • Quality Program Assessment, Implementation, and Coaching
  • Patient Safety/High Reliability Assessment/ Culture of Safety
  • Risk Program Assessment
  • STARS Recovery
  • Leapfrog Assessment Support
  • Employee Engagement Survey Readiness
  • Critical Event Recovery
  • Regulatory Readiness Assessment
  • Medical Staff Bylaws Review
  • Infection Prevention Program Assessment
  • Case Management Assessment, Implementation, and Coaching
  • Patient Throughput and Cost Analysis

Educational Opportunities

The Learning Institute delivers 70+ classroom events and webinars to 2,500+ hospital leaders and boards of directors, annually, in addition to curated networking opportunities and leadership conferences.

Each year, 2,500+ hospital leaders attend more than 70+ events on healthcare finance and reimbursement, regulatory, compliance, and more.

We offer accredited education and other custom offerings. Clients of The Learning Institute are invited to participate in events such as Board Essentials, Leadership U, and our annual Ovation Healthcare conference and networking event.

73 percent of attendees return for 2 or more programs, 96 percent rate their session and their instructor as excellent or great, and 99 percent would recommend The Learning Institute to a friend or colleague.

Board Essentials

Self-paced, on-demand courses to equip board members with the foundational knowledge needed to oversee and provide direction to their hospital.

Leadership U

Leadership U is one of The Learning Institute‘s elite offerings. Leadership U is a seven-month program that strengthens the leadership capabilities in new and potential CEO candidates, increases the talent pipeline of leaders in independent community healthcare, and improves staff retention and recruitment.